The areas of cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security are undoubtedly the biggest technology trends currently affecting businesses. They represent significant challenges to organisations, but also immense opportunities to harness technology to achieve deeper understanding, more meaningful connections and more efficient investment of time and finances. Yet IBM research shows that more than 90 percent of businesses are not fully prepared to address the CAMSS proliferation.

Primaxis, with more than fifteen years of experience in powering businesses to success via smarter technology, is ideally placed to advise organisations seeking to capitalise on the latest wave of IT trends. With a new range of systems, software and capabilities unveiled recently by IBM, Primaxis can help you to create smarter environments that offer exciting advantages and improved business performance. We can help you successfully adopt and support your programs on Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social or Security solutions. We have expertise on topics like implementation, integration, infrastructure sizing and security issues.


There are many cloud options, and we help you explore cloud solutions and technologies to find the right blend for your business. Primaxis can help you to address the full range of capabilities of a cloud computing strategy, as well as the broader business and legislative implications this brings. Our best practices, along with vendor capabilities for state-of-the-art cloud implementations, are the core of our set of cloud offerings.

Primaxis is fully equipped to offer:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Primaxis offers the best of IBM SoftLayer, Bluemix and Smartcloud. In addition, our purpose-built datacentres offer a secure, redundant option that is supported by our experienced specialists, round the clock.


Your organisation holds a wealth of information in its stored data. Done right, analytics enables you to tap into that information to quickly extract insights into your customers, suppliers, community and business. This means you can make better supported business decisions faster.

Putting in place a strong analytics-optimised infrastructure is an essential, along with detailed planning and preparation. In its 2014 Magic Quadrant, Gartner concludes that ‘IBM is the leading analytics platform for completeness and vision.’

IBM has a scalable Business Analytics software solution to suit most businesses. Designed to meet the needs of midsize organisations, IBM Cognos delivers the essential reporting, analysis, dashboard, scorecard, planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities at an affordable price. Because we’re the IBM experts, we can help you to find ways that analytics can give you a head start over your competitors. Whether you’re smaller and nimble or a larger organisation, the benefits of analytics are within reach.

Analytics can help you:

  • Get greater value from budgeting, planning and forecasting processes;
  • More accurately predict business outcomes and manage risk;
  • Achieve greater control over financial and operational performance;
  • Confidently report trends to stakeholders; and

Identify anomalies in transactions and behaviour that may indicate wrongdoing or problems.


More than ever, the user experience is at the centre of IT strategy. Mobile solutions can support a workforce to work more efficiently and benefit from far greater flexibility than ever before. Enterprise applications can be securely extended onto a mobile platform, making the most of existing systems without forcing you to develop entirely new solutions to suit mobile workers.

Some of the vital considerations when designing a mobile solution include:

  • Agility to deliver new and existing applications;
  • Security of every single transaction; and
  • Mobile analytics, to constantly improve outcomes for users.

Primaxis can help you to design a strategy, build and manage a secure mobile platform, and put in place the right analytics options to gain maximum advantage.


When collaboration is supported, amazing things can happen in your business. As people connect, knowledge is shared and new ideas are born. The Primaxis team are experts at building IBM Collaboration solutions that bring people together to make your organisation more productive. We can help you to transform your business into a competitive success story, a place where innovation happens.


Whatever you need to achieve, and whatever path you choose to reach your goal, we believe in making security an integral part of the solution, and never an afterthought.

Our experience, drawn from more than twenty years as IBM partners, can form a vital part of your security toolkit. Primaxis can make sure that the right security and compliance, for both user access and stored data, are fully covered in your business. Security solutions inevitably work better when they are easily managed and minimise manual involvement. Using proven technology such as Tivoli Security and Tivoli Endpoint Manager, we help you to make sure your business is fully prepared to face whatever risks you may encounter.