When you need extra administration or user support, Primaxis is here to help. Whether additional expertise, after hours support, or support during staff absences, our friendly experts can be a great resource for your business. Depending on your own situation, we can assist on an as-required basis, or a scheduled service agreement.

Why use Primaxis system support?

  • Lower in-house application maintenance/support costs.
  • On-demand access to a team of skilled technical professionals.
  • Guaranteed service levels.
  • Flexible, individualised support programs.
  • Improved reliability, availability and performance of infrastructure, databases and applications.
  • Controlled, predictable costs.

Our Standard and Premium Support plans are designed to meet a range of needs, providing services ranging from management and administrative functions through to first and second line help desk support. System Administration and assistance can include:

  • Domino Logs Audit
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Cleaning up of Domino Directory and Dead Mail
  • Analysis of Mail routing and replication efficiency
  • Software Patch Recommendation
  • Domino SPAM Setting Analysis and Recommendation
  • Virus Analysis and Recommendation
  • Disk Space Movement Report
  • Server and User Security Analysis and Recommendation
  • Lotus Notes Application Performance Fine Tuning
  • End user best practice setup recommendations
  • Plus more!

All in guaranteed fast response times.