The Interpreter Management System (IMS) is a state of the art application, built specifically for web browsers and mobile devices. IMS is designed for hospitals and health care professionals to co-ordinate, streamline and manage the dynamics of interpreter bookings.

IMS Manager Screen

Benefits for Hospitals

  • Seamless integration with existing Patient Management Systems
  • Analytical reporting dashboard identifying languages, peak times, successfully closed bookings
  • Simplified way to schedule interpreters by language and date
  • Ability for external agencies to upload outsourced bookings
  • Security controls depending on roles such as Manager, Co-ordinator and Interpreters
  • Only book interpreters who are available

Benefits for Interpreters

  • One-stop solution to view their schedule and relevant booking details
  • Easy process to update the status of their bookings
  • Dashboard overview specifically for interpreters
IMS Screens

Connecting patients with interpreters is an integral service and IMS enables this to be done with ease. Implementing IMS can drastically reduce administration times and costs.  IMS also gives analytical insights to manage growth and interpreting demands, giving insight to staffing needs and increases or decreases in demand for interpreters.

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