Turn your city into a smart city optimising your resources

Improve Your City (IYC) is a platform for communication between the community and the City Council, which is part of the Smart City solutions and is based on the three pillars of Open Government: participation, collaboration, and transparency.

Improve your City takes account of all stakeholders of the City Council and all incident input channels.

People can submit incidents, suggestions and ask questions via a mobile app, forms on websites, phone and even social networks like Facebook®. Thus, they become city sensors.

Meanwhile, the City Council runs a back-office dashboard from where it can automatically manage all incidents and requests submitted, consult statistics, generate work orders, control the activity of subcontractors or send alerts.

Service companies and City Council technicians have a specific management mobile app, where they manage all assigned requests, communicate with managers and solve incidents that have been submitted.

Mobile App-Community

  • Incidents
  • News and Alerts
  • Tourism and Shopping
  • Dynamic and customisable
  • Social and participatory

Management Back-Office

  • Dashboard
  • Workflows
  • SLA Management
  • Automatic reporting

Mobile App-Technician

  • Incident management
  • Two-way communication & traceability
  • Task check-list
  • Solution notification via photo

With Improve Your City, incident management costs 14 times less than manual processing and 8 times less than managed through a call centre.