IBM Notes and Domino – As a Service!

You may remember us as Dr Notes!

While we have changed and expanded many of our offerings – we still have a soft spot for Domino and have many customers using IBM’s Notes & Domino platform to do what it does best: provide a secure, robust and highly-available Application platform – combined with world class messaging and social capabilities for a reduced Total Cost of Ownership compared to other platforms.

We are now pleased to offer managed services for IBM Notes & Domino:

Leave it to us! DominoEasy provides FULL management of your Domino environment.


From hosting, to email, to management, to upgrades, to support, we can handle all aspects of your Domino environment – utilising expertise from our 25+ years’ experience in Domino. We will deploy your Domino servers using best-practice security, configuration, patch levels and features. All at a per-user monthly price.


  • Fully managed service – OS updates and Domino feature pack updates included
  • 24/7 monitoring of Domino server with automated alerts
  • 250GB per month per server data transfer (more available)
  • Unlimited domains, virtual hosts and websites
  • Daily backups and 1 month retention
  • Virus and malware protection
  • Software or hardware firewall
  • ID Vault available for zero-touch Notes client setup
  • Flexible support options and multi-level Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Flexible deployment options including DirectLink connectivity to your on-premise data centre
  • BYO license, or rent or buy from us!

Need assistance in designing your ideal Domino environment? Contact us for consultant engagements on design topology, networking, clustering, mail routing, web servers and any other Domino service you need help with!

Leave it to us! DominoEasy Notes as a Service will rid you of ALL your client management headaches!


IBM Notes + Sametime + Connections + Desktop plugin + Upgrade + Fix Pack + Policies and Settings + Client Setups can sometimes equal overload! Thankfully, Primaxis is here to help you with our Notes as a Service offering. Let us take care of all aspects of client deployment and management using our years’ experience and the the latest tools and technologies. We will provide zero-touch deployment, upgrades and management of your Notes clients. All at a per-user monthly price.


  • Notes client 8.5.3 or 9.0.1 base install package
  • Embedded Sametime and Connections plugins included
  • Windows and Microsoft Office plugins for Connections included
  • Fully managed features, policies and settings service
  • Quarterly automated Notes client updates
  • IBM Client Application Access (ICAA) supported
  • Flexible build packages to deploy via customer’s own software management system (if required)
  • 9-5 business day support
  • Zero-touch client setup**


** Consult engagement required. Contact us for more information!

Choose between instant deployment, shared tenancy or dedicated Domino application hosting solutions to suit your business

Primaxis offers Domino application hosting solutions that are tailored to our customer needs. Whether you are actively developing and using Domino applications, migrating to different email platforms and need somewhere to deploy Domino apps in the cloud, or whether you are simply looking for a Cloud solution strategy for Domino, take advantage of our 25+ years’ experience in IBM Domino. We handle the management of the Domino server, all you have to do is deploy and manage your application!



Domino Shared Application Hosting

Great for single use Domino and/or XPages applications. Take advantage of high value, low cost hosting for small and medium-sized Domino applications. Applications are hosted in a virtual, shared tenancy Domino partitioned environment reducing infrastructure costs. BYO Domino license or rent from us! It’s your choice!


  • 24/7 monitoring of Domino server
  • 250GB per month data transfer
  • Unlimited domains, virtual hosts and websites
  • FTP access
  • Daily backups and 1 month retention
  • Virus and malware protection



Domino Dedicated Application Hosting

Choose from our range of dedicated hosting options to deploy applications to your own private cloud Domino server. Choose between Enterprise or XWork licensing models, or bring your own license. You can scale up and deploy multiple Domino instances for clustering and failover – all managed by Primaxis.

Features (in addition to above Shared Hosting features):

  • Full Access Administrator level to Domino environment
  • All certifier, server and admin user IDs provided
  • Remote access to File System and power On/Off capabilities
  • 1 static public IP address (more available)
  • Domino service uptime monitoring with automated alerts
  • 50GB, 100GB, 200GB and 500GB Domino data storage options (more available)


XPages Instant Deployment

Have a Domino XPages application? Using IBM’s Bluemix platform, we provide XPages developers with a large scale standards-based platform as a service (PaaS). Bluemix’s large library of services provides a way to add innovative capabilities and application management to your solutions, without having to code the entire solution from scratch.


powered by IBM SoftLayer and Bluemix



Meet MarvelClient – The world’s fastest software for centralised IBM Notes client management, as well as analysing and optimising your IBM Notes environment.


With MarvelClient – benefit from the following advantages:

  • Central management of the entire Notes client landscape
  • Reduction of helpdesk calls by up to 80%
  • Best client start times and performance
  • Increase of performance and productivity
  • Intelligent roaming for Citrix, WTS, VDI and Connections Cloud
  • Minimum effort for client setups, upgrades, and cross-grades

Contact Us for a FREE TRIAL or to request a demo!


powered by Panagenda


Find the optimal strategy for your applications! Transform the bits and bytes of your Notes databases into meaningful information!

AI Usage Analysis

Usage Analysis

ApplicationInsights provides you with clear insights into the use of your application landscape. Find out how and whether an application is used: Is it accessed as read or write, and how often do specific departments and sites use certain applications?


Code Assessment

Code Assessment

The perfect overview of the complexity of the entire application environment for you or your developers. How many lines of code are relevant, which programming language is strongly represented, and how do complexity and dependencies affect your application strategy?


Application Strategies

Application Strategies

Whether migration, modernization or ongoing operation, ApplicationInsights is your key to strategy optimization. By linking usage and application design information, you have the perfect foundation for your project: Minimize operating costs and calculate risks and expenses into minute detail.


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Proactive server monitoring and management! Making sure all your servers are fail-safe and performing to standard.

Ensure your Domino servers are performing by utilising our DominoEasy Monitoring as a Service.


  • Quality-of-Service analyzes and management reports, eg Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Automatic actions: such as notifications, support ticket creation, and server reboots
  • End-to-end approach: suitable for on-premise, hybrid & cloud environments
  • Unique usability and visualization: individual dashboards, powerful reports and interactive charts
  • Individual “open source” extensibility


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How healthy is YOUR Domino server environment?

Like any well-designed and functioning entity, whether it is your car, your body, or your server, having regular check-ups are vital. You would not expect your car to be running well if you never had it serviced. Imagine that you never took any interest or care for your health, what would be the outcome?

For smooth running and disruption-free Mail and Applications, you need a healthy and stable server environment. The quality of Domino servers decreases with increase in activity. Constant optimizing and fine-tuning of the performance of a Domino Server will lead to improved quality of service, even consolidation of multiple servers can be achieved, saving costs. Significant reductions in IBM Domino Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can be delivered quickly with minimum disruption.


Introducing Primaxis DominoFit.

DominoFit is Primaxis’ Domino Health Check program that gives Domino Administrators and Business Managers a point in time analysis of the overall health of your Domino environment.

The output of the DominoFit process is a detailed, independent report outlining system health status and trends, areas for improvement, and recommended actions.

Senior, experienced, and qualified engineers work with you to conduct the DominoFit analysis and focus on the following areas of your Domino environment:

  • Messaging and mail routing
  • Replication and connectivity
  • Management, administration and housekeeping activities in Domino & Notes
  • Capacity planning, load balancing & performance
  • Security across Notes, Domino, & Web
  • Integration with other services
  • Future growth and management strategy

We will take you through each of the above areas and empower you to:

  • Be able to anticipate areas of concern that might impact the business
  • Improve the quality of service for the Domino environment
  • Implement best practice management activities to minimise disruption, downtime and eliminate
    performance issues
  • Predict infrastructure requirements
  • Consider cost reduction opportunities
DominoFit comes in 2 models:

RegularFit and SuperFit plus ApplicationInsights

Contact Us for a obligation free quote and get your Domino server environment healthy!

Need access to Email only? No problem. Our flexible Email offering can cover you for as much or as little as you need


  • Email, calendar and Contacts available from any device at any time
  • 50GB mailbox included
  • supported on web browsers, iOS, Android, Windows Phone **
  • Quickly post messages to social networks within a modern, personalized email experience
  • Smart approach helps users find and take action on important content and conversations
  • Built-in analytics prioritize the most important content so you can focus on the right information, conversations and actions
  • The always-visible calendar keeps you informed of deadlines and meetings


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** device support not available