Many organisations have used our technology expertise to achieve some amazing business advantages. Read about how some of our customers made the most of their Primaxis advantage.

Deakin University, Australia

The Standard Operating Procedures System for Deakin University manages all Universities legislation, procedures, work instructions and related documentation and automates a significant portion of Deakin’s standard operating procedures for the administrators. The SOP system was built with Domino as the underlying technology foundation. Documents are also manageable from the Web and processed through an approval workflow and regulated by administrators before being published on the Web. Access is authenticated via the Domino server, so that the system can contain both public documents, and documents restricted to University staff, or to members of particular faculties.

The system was designed to allow maximum control of the publishing and editing of documents, while retaining significant flexibility in creating documents for different special groups by a large group of authors. The system is currently in full production and widely used by Deakin administrators and future enhancements are in process. The SOP system is Deakin’s first step towards a full-fledged document management system in line with their vision to achieve a knowledge management system in the near future.

SmithKline Beecham, Australia

The Clinical Trials Study Tracker system tracks all study and patient information collected during the conduct of clinical trials in SB and automates the work flow processes involved. Information regarding the study, protocol, budget, staff (both SB and Investigators) and the patient tracking data are recorded. The actual patient information is not stored here, but sent directly to the Therapeutic Unit managing the trial. The system is also used to record any Data Resolution Queries received from the Therapeutic Unit managing the trial, and track the process in resolving the query. In addition, serious adverse events which occur during the course of the trial are recorded here, and sent to a different Adverse Events system (also developed by Primaxis) used to report and document such events to the relevant authorities.

The system is currently used by clinical researchers Australia-wide. Clinical trial sizes vary in size from 500 to 40,000 patient records per study. The database allows project managers to track expenditure for each cost centre involved in the study as well as the project as a whole without the need of complicated accounting software. The system has been approved by SB management to be deployed throughout North and South Asia in the near future.

Cummins Engine Company, Australia

The training management system was built for managing and maintaining Cummins’ corporate training procedures and schedules for all of its employees and contractors. It maintains a source of skill base that management can draw upon on demand to sort employees within the organisation with particular skill sets. There is strict control with security and audit review processes for the approval of documents by administrators and managers of the training system.

Other applications developed for Cummins include a technical document management system, and various other management processes related to tracking databases.

Telkom, Indonesia

The Enterprise Document Management System manages all incoming and outgoing formal letters and documents for Telkom (spanning branches located on 27 provinces of Indonesia) with a total of 10,000 active and 30,000 passive users on a daily basis.

The Document Management System was integrate with their Domino Intranet System to provide a seamless environment to facilitate knowledge transfer through a Web browser interface. The system had a documented return on investment within 6 months of the employment of the intranet system and allows all employees to access Telkom’s standard operating procedures, and all other documents, email, discussion forums and project management forums all through a web browser. The Document Management System was seen as the first step for Telkom towards a corporate knowledge management system that could be extended to encompass its customers and business partners in the near future.

Industries we work with

  • Australian Wheat Board
  • Department of Health and Services
  • Department of State Development
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Hobsons Bay City Council
  • Warrnambool City Council
  • Australian Trailers
  • Bonlac Foods
  • Bristol Myers
  • Cascade Corporation
  • Cummins Engine Australia
  • General Motors Indonesia
  • Honda Australia
  • Jotun Australia
  • Kubota Tractors Australia
  • MacDonalds Technologies
  • Mini Tankers Australia
  • Mitsui OSK Indonesia
  • North Limited
  • Pacific Dunlop
  • Radio Frequency Systems
  • Reynolds, Australia
  • Sara Lee Australia
  • Scania Australia
  • Sempoerna Indonesia
  • Simplot Australia
  • Suzuki Australia
  • ARCO Inc.
  • BHP Petroleum
  • BHP Australia Coal Limited
  • Fluor Daniels Australia
  • National Australia Bank
  • GSK (glaxosmithkline)
  • Pharmacia Australia


  • Bell Duke & Scott Meade
  • Drake Training
  • Draper Dillon
  • Educom Training
  • ExecuTrain Australia
  • IBM Education Australia
  • Lotus Education
  • Starcom Worldwide Australia
  • Tattersalls